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I recently upped my dose to 1.

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However, he is not doing well again and we think he may be having seizures. Thank you L for having such trust in me. Thank you all so much for your help with this matter! I am currently taking 90 2mg tablets in 24 days. When taking Ativan at I am using lorazepam as a sleep aid a couple of times a week.

The only longer acting that is weaker is Valium, and believe me is totally useless if high anxiety. My doctor gave me 0. I could not accomplish anything. He had me come in right away yesterday. The want to do a2 week tapper on phenobarbital!! Is there anyone out there who has taken this medication at this type of a dose for years and is doing okay?

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Because of you all, I finally summoned the courage to try my Ativan. I stopped drinking too much coffee and part of my anxiety went away. So I gave him the dose prescribed by doctor. I have tried to get many dr to look at Proffessor Ashton withdrawal method of slowly switching over to the longer acting Benzo Valium no one seems interested. How long do I need to stay on 1mg before I can safely come completely off without any withdrawal symptoms?

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Talk to your doctor about whether you should continue breast-feeding. For 5 years, I drank a bottle of tequila daily all day and night. I was reading various comments posted here. How many hours should I wait between Lorazepam doses.

Please offer your suggestions for weaning. I have been taking 3 1mg lorazepam a day for about 10 years for sleep and anxity. Any advice you can provide is appreciated.

My p-doc told me that in the event of a severe panic attack, in order to get it into your system faster, you can let it dissolve under your tongue. When will I feel better. The dose of injectable lorazepam for seizures is based on body weight and given by a trained health care provider in a hospital.


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