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They only affect the lungs while oral or injectable steroids are systemic and therefore affect the whole body.

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The information provided here has been put together by experts in feline health, behaviour and welfare. Bronchodilators do not reduce the inflammation in the lungs. A yearly blood chemistry panel and CBC are wise for cats receiving asthma medications on a day-to-day basis. In that situation, inhalation makes them collapse even more, making it difficult for your pet to catch its breath many things other than asthma can affect the ease and rate of your cat's breathing [ ref1ref2 ].

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In tablet or liquid form that is given by mouth — usually daily or alternate day therapy is needed, but with long-term therapy often only a low dose will be needed to maintain control of signs By injection — products given by injection may be short-acting eg, daysor long-acting some injections may last up to weeks By inhalation — metered-dose inhalers MDIs used to treat human asthma that contain steroids such as beclometasone or fluticasone can also be used in cats.

Attacks often begin suddenly. Try to stay with the ones that begin with http: Medications can be administered orally, inhaled, or intravenously. How to guides Keeping your cat happy The cat friendly home Playing with your cat Indoors or outdoors?

In my opinion, 2 different bronchodilators should not be used concurrently, as adverse effects may be compounded.

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Although in theory, if chronic bronchitis and asthma could be reliably distinguished this may affect how treatment is targeted, in practice, both are currently treated in the same way. Even then, the BALF test is prone to error.

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In most cases this isn't a concern, but may be incompatible with cats with other health issues or develop into a concern with long-term use side-effects. Cats can use inhalers to help with breathing problems The terms 'feline asthma' and 'chronic bronchitis' are often used interchangeably in cats and are used to describe chronic disease of the small airways bronchioles within the lungs. If the cat is a shorthaired variety, if brushing does not help a longhair cat, if petrolatum-based fur ball treatments do not help or if no hair is vomited up subsequent to gagging, asthma or bronchitis needs to be considered.

When severe, they breath with their mouth open. Probiotic Digestive Aids - many available, containing friendly bacteria essential for healthy gut flora.

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So cats that have a history of hunting probably should be treated to be on the safe side — even if no lungworm larva were found in their feces. However, many feel that it is more likely that the small bird and mammal prey of outdoor cats are the prime way that cats become infected.

Nebulized therapy will still have its place in the hospital setting for other inhaled medications but for feline asthma, it is a costly option with no published data for the cat's safety. If the cat tolerates the treatment well, it may be an excellent treatment decision. I only bring this up because theoretically, if one could cure specific allergies that your cat might have, one might cure asthma through desensitization shots.

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The prognosis for these conditions depends mainly on the severity of the disease. Only oral and injectable steroids are discussed here, inhaled steroids have their own section. It may be used daily or as needed for the asthmatic cat already on daily steroids if there is increased cough, wheeze or increased respiratory rate and effort at rest.

For this reason, there are far fewer side effects of inhaled steroids than oral or injectable steroids. Some cats can be maintained on corticosteroids alone. As with asthma and lungworms, abnormally high numbers of eosinophils might also occur when a large number of roundworm larva are migrating through the cat's lungs.


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