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Then I went to 1 pill every 3 days. Still have a question?

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Page 1 2 Next. Four days later staying the course. Feels a little bit crazy, honestly. It is a horrible experience. Surprisingly, I haven't felt the need for anything - i have had no withdrawal symptoms at all.

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I got on Effexor XR website because it was so expensive and they sent me a card to use at the pharmacy. For those who have taken Prozac before, you all know it remains in your system for up to 2 weeks I am feeling no benefit whatsoever from the Mirtazapine and Lamictal and am unsure if this is purely because the withdrawal from EFX is so extreme or whether they simply just wont work for me!?


I tried numerous times to quit venlafaxine 75 mg but it was psyching me to going crazy. Posted by Anon on 29 Jul at 8: Be aware that you can combo it with mirtazapine if you get mixed results.

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AFter about 5 months and more weight gain 50lbs in total! Is the bold claim that a nutrient drink can slow Alzheimer's true?

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Palpitation City Posted by Effexor free on 12 Jan at 5: Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page. I have been taking mg for 3. Otherwise, you could go into prolonged withdrawal. I was losing weight. Available for Android and iOS devices.

I can only hope that this will pass and that it does not affect my employment. I read with interest everyone's comments and I'm going to buy fish oil today to see if that helps. What dosage did you take? How long have you taken Effexor?


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