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So they say wellbutrin isnt habbit forming but I've developped a nasty habbit. Angela MulhollandStaff writer AngeMulholland. I reeeeeally hoping that I can just come down from this and not die or have to go to the ER at all.

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His brain stem slowly necrotized and the man was eventually taken off life support and died. Risk of breast cancer's return looms for 20 years: It can cause a mental addiction and a physiological dependence, especially when taken in high doses long-term. This gradually, over the course of half an hour became more bearable but it was never fun. Wow i wouldn't snort any pill let alon wellbutrin. At least it can't be much worse than smoking right? To reiterate what people have already said, try to taper down.

This is obviously a sore spot for some people still not sure why, but don't discuss it- topic closed. May 17, 4.

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Don't just go snorting random shit thats retarded. Posted in Medical by Leon Gussow. Although this study is certainly impaired by inherent limitations — including reporting bias and small sample size — some of its findings are worth noting: Canadian grads develop new cancer-detecting device.

Probably something I would do once a month or so. Your help is most welcome. Cirrhosis of the Liver.

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They're a different kind of antidepressant May 17, 5. Alcohol causes 7 kinds of cancer, study concludes. I think I'll start keeping a typed journal.

He got bored with booze, so investigated his medicines for something different. I run to the bathroom between group therapy sessions, get high, and nobody knows. The drug is a medication called bupropion that has long been hailed as a wonder drug.


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