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Is morning, afternoon or evening the best time to take my 20mg tablet? It works for me. Do a Free Online Consult. Should I take propecia in the morning or at night time? You may choose any time, day or night, but take it at the same time of each day. This site is intended to educate the public on hair loss topics based on personal experience and opinions from Dr.

Are testosterone levels higher in the body during sleep? Robert True - NY Dr.

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John, with regard to finasteride I agree with those that say it's effectiveness varies with different people. I've done a bit of reading up on it, and the general consensus seems to be it works better in the morning.

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Page 1 of 3. Any help appreciated, Thanks. I'd appreciate some direction to the data on this. The time now is Originally Posted by 25 going on Visit our Hair Restoration Forum to get advice, view patient photos and learn about hair transplant surgeons.

Sharon Keene - AZ Dr. Test is actually high in the morning when the body is waking.

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Tom Rosanelli - CA Dr. Michael Beehner - NY Dr. Sanusi Umar - CA Dr. Switch to Hybrid Mode. Propecia does work on the hairline.

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Try searching for what you seek or ask your own question. Bernard Nusbaum - FL Dr. I take it when I go to bed as part of my routine. Best time of day to take finasteride?

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I have discussed this with HT doctor in Australia who has the above opinion.


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