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They say white are instant release yellow are time release and green are extended release. Would you be more likely to smoke marijuana if it was legal in your Territory and regulated? The green ones do nothing for me, the blue round ones don't either, just the blue football ones did. What is the difference in the chemical make up between kolinipin and Xanax? The yellow bars are not the brand name but the first to come out with an off brand version.

Now days pills manufactures come up with an XR right before the 8 years is up so they can receive another 8 years of profit before they have to release their patient.

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What's different between the two? Not sure they are even working as well yet. The green rectangle shaped "bars" are the only time released ones. Apologize for the typos. What is the street price of Xanax?

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Are you planning on being on benzos for life for your anxiety? Add your Answer Find similar questions. Another question, are they different colors because different companies make their own color pills?? To view content sources and attributions, please refer to our editorial policy.

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Jul 22, 5. Black, White, Green, red, and yellow people, answer this.?

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Ok here you go my fellow xanax peeps The difference in color is the pharmacy"s one may have a different color than another. But if your prescription is just for plain old 2mg Xanax or Alprazolam bars, the color difference is as simple as what pharmaceutical company your local pharmacist orders from and the cost per pill. The "bar" shaped 2mg alprazolam also available in a round pill with the distinct "xanax" scoring is NOT the strongest single dose pill available There are also green triangular alprazolam xanax tablets which are 3mg time released [ https: Available for Android and iOS devices.

This ONLY applies to the 2mg xanax bars ladders, totems, handles whatever u wanna call them, white is normal, yellow is time released, and the greens from what ive been able to figure out have some sort of sleep aid in them which give u crazy awesome dreams btw and are also time released. They have to tell you due to the some people having adverse side effects caused by no active ingredients. Sign In or Register.

So that is why some Alprazolam is stronger because the manufacture won't cut the pill as much as other companies do. The reality is, if ones seeking advice, more importantly answers to such questions maybe through current circumstances are unable to get to a Dr. I should also add that these were all take as prescribedthe prescription was in my name written by Dr's in good standingnot the all to common legalized drug dealers.

It is a persons mind that tells them it is different.


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