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I also am thinking that they are not working any more and am at the point of quitting. Drug effects on sleep-dependent ocular dominance plasticity: Schematized experimental design is shown in A.

Thank you so very much, this is exactly what I was looking for.


Trazodone and insomnia are a dangerous mix and should only be used to treat insomnia when it is a symptom of a major depressive disorder. In Press T-type calcium channels regulate cortical plasticity in vivo. She had an arrhythmia in her sleep after taking phentermine Am curious as to how your doing and if you decided to use trazodone.

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The benzodiazepines are far more potent, unless of course you've been on them, and they've failed to help. Until my surgery I was only on natural supplements and did not want these drugs in my system. Will the chemicals in my brain continue to improve even though I am taking trazadone? TRA also inhibits T-type calcium channels and is a weak serotonin reuptake inhibitor [14][15][40]. Another SURE bet for restorative sleep is one that I am surprised that they haven't mentioned before since the sleep lab made that type of comment about your lack of rem sleep.

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If Trazedone works for you — then great. Thus, the most parsimonious interpretation of our findings is that TRA directly interferes with synaptic plasticity mechanisms active in V1 during post-MD sleep. I haven't commented on this post in awhile but somebody else did and it came back into my inbox.

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The funders had no role in study design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript. Its an older anti-depressant that more often than not is used to help you sleep.

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However, trazodone produced prominent daytime somnolence in this dosage range, which made it an unacceptable option for many patients. I am wondering if taking trazadone will interfere with my recovery.

Insomnia and Antidepressants: Good or Bad

My experience with Trazodone makes me want to stay away from all psyshiatric medication forever no matter what. You should have a snack everytime you take it, because it can make an upset stomach. Stop working or doing strenuous house work at least 2 hours before going to bed. For example, locus coeruleus activity and cortical noradrenaline levels are specifically up-regulated during NREM sleep following training on an olfactory learning task, in a manner consistent with a role in memory consolidation [54][55].

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