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Page 1 of 2. Hi, I am quite old and my chances are very low. I have not had any other test performed, but think that I will request a hsg next month.

Good luck ladies, there is nothing more beautiful than loving a baby. I am just taking 50 mg to stimulate a better O as I am 42, but I still ovulate and have suffecient hormones levels. Life is too short, so kiss slowly, laugh insanely, love truly and forgive quickly. I took it day at 7am each day. Trying To Conceive Over Do they usually do several ultrasounds before ovulation? Hope it's something good for you though!

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After reading some of the comments above it really mad me nervous. I think I have also less flashes byt still I am so hot and all sweat during the night.

Sorry for venting, but I find that after a year of dr. I have had no bad symptoms on clomid. I had absolutely no energy and an almost constant headache. In the UK, at least at my particular hospital, the monitoring is sparse and all I get is a CD21 serum progesterone blood-test todayto see whether I ovulated or not.

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More posts in "Clomid and other FD" group. But does it work? So far no side effects. I will soon start clomid. I went through 4 cycles tweaking dosages and adding different drugs before I had success.

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This year we decided to try again. My temps did not start going up until the day after the last pill. I know this is an old thread, but it is January This is actually semi-dangerous.

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