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You should talk to a health care professional if you want to take Phentermine as it's available by prescription only. Lost 72 pound from March to July this year I am using a good diet clinic and they monitor your progress and do a group peep talk and explain the meds role in weight lossand how it is actually the cutting of calories that causes you to lose weight, the med is simply an appetite suppressant.

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Free E-newsletter Subscribe to Housecall Our general interest e-newsletter keeps you up to date on a wide variety of health topics. Phentermine primarily helps you lose weight by suppressing appetite and boosting energy levels, although through exercise and diet you can use these effects to speed up your metabolism and therefore burn more fat.

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I just stsrted phentermine on the 14th of August. Hi Danielle, We have an article on insomnia which has some useful advice for you: HI karin i wqould definately call your dr and check with that is a very hi dose from what i was told you are only supose to talk 1 When I started taking it I was pounds.

Make sure to eat regular meals to stop you from getting overly hungry though.

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This is my 2nd day taking the These instructions will vary with different phentermine brands, but you should take phentermine exactly as prescribed by your doctor and follow all directions on your prescription label. Does anyone take 15mg pill - Phentermine, what about side effects? I started phen Prozac Synthroid Xenical Wellbutrin Zoloft.

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Phentermine Brands Adipex Phentermine Yes, the appetite suppressing effects of phentermine can be very strong — especially at the start. I only started taking the phentermine today, so I may not be much help. Drink water and eat pulpy fruit, those help fill you up and keep you from stopping up.

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This is my first day on it so I will have to see what the results will be overall given a little time. Phentermine - can your body become immune to phentermine, dr has had to increase my dose?

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I did ask the nurse if one half of a pill would be as effectful and she said yes. Be careful tho because you will get the jitters As far as losing the weight ,you have to exersize and drink your water though or it wont be as effectful.

Do you live in Canada? I am currently taking one and a half I take a After my mother passed away, I went from a size three to a size 6 which I was before and after I had my son up to a 12 so that is when I decided to go to see someone.

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