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We trust this information is useful in providing guidance on the appropriate use of sertraline concomitantly with pimozide. Not only did the sertraline make me feel worse but now I am have withdraw! Zoloft is used to treat:.

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Please browse our Symptoms and self-care forum. Was on mg, 1 year; 50 mg 5 years before that. Causality has not been established.

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Read the book when you are ready. As I matured, I felt less and less like it was having any effect on my mental state. I have withdrawn from opiates, benzodiazepines, and sleep medication with little problem. The overall profile of side effects in pediatric clinical trials was generally similar to that seen in adult studies. Break Free Today At Point of Return, a c 3 nonprofit, we have spent the last 14 years helping people wean off Zoloft correctly.

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I have experienced lots of side affects coming off it and they are ongoing but slowly getting a bit better. Not sure if this helps.

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It can be caused by straining the voice or exposure to infectious, allergic or chemical irritation. I wish I would have read all these threads before taking Zoloft. Thinking of everyone trying to get off this medication.

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Zoloft side effects Gastroenteritis - A condition where the membranes of the stomach and intestines are irritated. Silly me I only took this poison for 3 days and was starting to completely flip out so stopped. With a 24 hour half life, I was carrying about 13 to 14 mg in my system at all times. Very interesting and hugely informative for me — was prescribed setraline 50, then then for about 5 months.

So glad to find this thread… 15 years of mg of Zoloft.

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I am a 25 year old female I have been on Zoloft mg on and off for 5 years. However, I have gotten some of the weirdest side effects from it in numerous body parts: Allergy, anaphylaxis Postmarketing reports: Zoloft withdrawal - Coronary Artery Disease — A condition where the blood vessels that mainly carry the blood away from the heart become clogged up or narrowed usually by fatty deposits.

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