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It's only been two days and my IQ has gone way down, I promise it wasn't always this way Here are the details on these studies, obtained by request from the manufacturer.

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But overall, you can see that the drug-placebo differences in these unipolar depression studies are more consistent than in the bipolar depression studies. Weight gain after bipolar medication? While these reviews might be helpful, they are not a substitute for the expertise, skill, knowledge and judgement of healthcare practitioners in patient care.

They can make you feel very sad. Geodon does not appear to affect patients' weight, according to bipolar disorder treatment expert Paul E. Geodon- what is your dose? I have to get done before my vyvanse wears off so I can write. I have counteracted this by taking a sleeping pill at night. After reducing to 40mg it's been wonderful. Keep in mind that it is never suggested by experts as a first line treatment, unless the patient is in the grip of acute mania.

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Oh and I'm on 20mg twice a day. Glad your mood is better. Available for Android and iOS devices. And this is my first day on 40mg x 2. While I appreciate not being so depressed that I'm laying on the floor crying my eyes out, I do not enjoy jittering and being so amped up that I start screaming every time something frustrates me.

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The following information is NOT intended to endorse drugs or recommend therapy. But I'm still happy with this drug. SSRIs are used to treat depression in Bipolar patients, but they are usually used with mood stabilizers to prevent causing a manic episode.

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There are people out there who do really well on this stuff. It is also called manic depression. Indeed, I think the fact that the yellow lines above trend toward differences is still useful information.

Both have good randomized trial evidence for treating bipolar depression. There are few studies with Geodon in children and teens, so I use it less frequently in those populations. The last episode lasted 3 hour's. My mood had been stable for a long time. If you have diabetes or have risk factors or symptoms of diabetes, your blood sugar should be monitored.

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