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Your doctor can give you a prescription antibiotic if that happens. I used Benadryl spray, calamine lotion, and lots of alcohol, but nothing was working so for a few weeks I switched to Lotrimin, thinking it warranted something more drastic.

This greatly reduces the itching, burning and swelling. This article was informative.

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Once everything has been decontaminated then you shouldn't have anything to worry about. This is especially good during the two or three worst days of the rash.

The 8 Best Poison Ivy Remedies - Healthline

Overview It starts innocently enough. Talk to your pharmacist for advice on choices.

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I used hydro cortisone on mine, and that worked better than Calamine. Has anyone had strange breakouts after their experience with poison ivy? I have found the best thing you can do is take a cold shower. July 22, Reply. Sign me up for Healthline's Newsletter. I have tried calomine, but not sure it is helping. Don't hate me for coming up with ideas.

June 1, Reply. Both my daughter and I got the shot, oral antihistamines, and that was within 3 days of contracting. Try the following suggestions and medicines to help relieve these symptoms.

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You may need prescription corticosteroids. I was wearing sandals so the rash is in wide stripes across the tops of my feet. I was tested to see what else I may be allergic to and topical benzocaine came up. The Hidden Allergy Problem.

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We are unable to collect your feedback at this time. Well, good news, not from mangoes, bad news SAP from mango tree that squirted all over my hand was the culprit. I worked with poison ivy a week ago, and did not get it.

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