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Snorted Speedball How much Oxy and Coke would someone do to get a good affect? Is mixing a xanax and oxycodone 30 mg like mixing an upper and a downer?

Share This Page Tweet. Check the news for recent reports of 'flesh-eating cocaine' and all that. Originally Posted by Cane2theLeft.

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To protect our independence we do not run ads. Results 1 to 10 of Do the downers one night, and the uppers a different night Feb 25, SwagFeb 9, Still would like a second opinion though. I dont play with yayo anymore tho.

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The mods reserve the right to remove any post or comment that they feel is inappropriate for this subreddit. May 9, 7. Links to sourcing subreddits are allowed, but that's it. You must create an account or log in to vote on posts on Reddit. Discussion in ' Hallucinatory Substances ' started by Booze far more dangerous to mix w Xanax n oxy.

I've done it plenty of times, so I know you're gonna do what you will, just please be careful.

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I think I almost overdosed earlier or did. And that must of sucked having stitches in your tongue lol. I used to take lorasets or loratabs or what ever the green 10's while rolling on obviously speed based tabs, while doing coke.

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I also have 10 mg Adderall and about a half G of coke. Still looking for answers? Do you already have an account?

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