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I really wish they could just increase the dosage, this medicine didn't make me have any side effects and now I have to start a new one, Losartan. Throughout these years, my mental health became very poor, short term memory loss - easily forget day-today task, my wife have to remind me, I felt very anxious person - depressed, anxiety, panic by thinking about my health.

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No other side effects". For other women out there reading this. My doctor doesn't believe it's the medicine and won't change it but yet she isn't trying to find any other results as to why I'm feeling this way. I never had any issues until I started taking this medication.

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Patricia September 10, In addition my libido is back and better than it has been in a couple years. For High Blood Pressure "This medication is cheap which is why they recommend it so much since it saves the insurance companies a bundle. For High Blood Pressure "After being hospitalized for very high BP that my other medications weren't able to control -- I was prescribed. I never had any issues until I started taking this medication.

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WebMD the app Get trusted health information. The effectiveness score is 8 and the side effect score is 7.

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About dry mouth,diarrhea, and numbness in toes. Firstly I want to thank the people good enough to post about their negative experiences on the BP medication amlodipine.

I have been Norvasv 2. Apparently, this will be long-term treatment.

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Burky taken for 6 months to 1 year September 23, Saddiegirl December 6, My systolic stays about and my diastolic My GP persuaded me to persevere, as it was thought the side effect would go away. In addition my right leg is significantly swollen. Just me but i think it some The mornings when I take Norvasc are not as good as the afternoon when I feel better.

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I take losartin in the AM with no problem. For High Blood Pressure "The medicine works rapidly and the 5mg daily dosage is still effective for me after several years of treatment. My arms, legs and buttocks ached constantly, and I felt depressed. Doctor thought my BP might have gotten too low so reduced dosage to 5mg per day from 10mg.

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But then side effects began


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