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I avoided social situations because of the embarrassment of my weight gain. I too was on Mirtazaphine for 6 weeks in those 6 weeks i gained a total of 30 pounds i went up two dress sizes and my appetite was no different. My brain fog and dizziness cleared, as well as my hot flashes. I look and feel pregnant!

This test takes a sample of your genetic code and is able to determine whether you are likely to have a favorable reaction to a particular drug in terms of efficacy and side effects. I'm concerned re this weight gain, I would love a settled mind but don't think I could tolerate so much weight especially when I have always been a slim person and never had to think about it It's hard to know. I tend to have porridge in the morning and sometimes add strawberries to it. They are excellent and I get no adverse side effects even on higher doses.

Never b4 have I ever worried about gaining weight I could eat and eat and never gain weight. The sleepiness should definitely have settled down after a few months. Apps At Your Fingertips.

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So my doc decided to try mirtazapine, my depression has reduced dramatically but I've have gained a lot of weight, which at first I thought was a welcome side effect compared to anxiety and insomnia but now this is really starting to lower my mood again. Hi Maisie I have been taking 15mg for over a year now.

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I felt more tired during the day when I was on 15mg than when I was on 30mg. Do you mind me asking if you are going to keep taking it for the forseeable future? I was ok for years on 30 mg. One thing a patient can do to alert the psychiatrist to weight gain is to track weight at home or in a gym where there are often accurate scales.

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Prozac makes me sleepy also so between the 2 it's a hard thing to stay awake all day. I do realize though with increased weight gain I will need to start an exercise program. So long as you don't give in to the cravings and you exercise I believe you'll be fine. After 2 nights of jerking about like someone was pulling my strings,I went back to the Drs and asked for something else. I look overweight, none of my clothes fit me and the worse part is that I look 6 months pregnant and because I am only just venturing out again after months of solitude, a lot of people think that I am pregnant and that's why they haven't seen me, I'm struggling to keep my smile and tell people I'm not as I am infertile and this has been one of the issues that led to my depression in the first place.

I have rightly or wrongly gone cold turkey on mirtazapine as of last night as I couldn't bear the thought of something coursing through my veins that could hinder my ability to maintain a healthy weight.

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There is no price on your mental health,i think its better to get well then to deal with the weight issues. I, too, have friends as above that the affect on their MH issues positive far outweighed their concerns about their weight figured the trade off was more than worth it.

Eat the carbohydrate on an empty stomach or at least two hours after you have eaten protein.

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That part really sucks. Not a Medscape Member?

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Amyr March 2,5: I started taking 7.


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