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Asking if anyone had any experience or professional knowledge on the subject. Cheers I know this post is old but I don't consider it unethical. But I agree with the others who say asking a Dr, any Dr, for medical treatment of any problem is not it self, unethical.

Fitnesslifestyle, I am in a very similar situation as you. Excruciating pain, what pain meds work for you? Speaking as one, Physicians and Surgeons are Physicians and Surgeons first, specialists second. Either you get it or you dont, no biggie. Tramamdol is not as difficult to quit like some say - worse than heroin etc due to a multitude of withdrawals i. This is not necessarily a problem.

Extended-release hydrocodone In this one, the FDA approved an extended-release ER form of hydrocodone Zohydro that does not contain another drug. Given the fact that I don't have insurance and it would be much more costly to go see a GP, I find my current situation much more appealing.

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And I can't see the doc who was prescribing oxy anymore because of insurance complications and I can't stand to go see all these doctors who keep saying "I'll give you a few to tide you over till you find another doctor. Instead they deserve compassionate pain management. I've finally found a doctor I love who compassionately and accurately treats my condition, but it also took me forever to get there. I wore high heeled sandals for the first time in a year yesterday and experienced no pain.

For example, individuals with generalized anxiety disorder or opioid addiction are more likely to interpret pain signals as more disturbing than other people. But he's saying the pain meds are for the neuropathy, cause the neuropathy pain is making depression worse.

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Can Orthopedics prescribe pain medication? You get banged up and are sore so you ask your doc for a small script. RSD and narcotics for pain. There are lots of reasons. Its good that you two have a good relationship and i understand that you dont get the drugs to abuse, but that yuor honestly in pain.

Then, get a referral to a pain specialist from your doctors office and make the appointment today so you have it ready when you get the referral.

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I have had enough epidural steroid injections to start my own clinic. They don't work for some people, or you're allergic to them like me and lyrica.

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