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After that incident, I also made an appointment with the other OB in the office. If you want to look at my chart you can heres the link hope it works http: I read message boards, and heard lots of horror stories about Clomid: I know it doesn't sound promising but I will say that it did get me ovulating again and I wasn't ovulating before the clomid.

Created by cf Last post 4 months ago. You are not supposed to take clomid if you have cysts! Clomid is used to make sure there is an egg, and IUI is used to introduce the sperm directly into the uterus through the vagina and cervix. Sometimes it is really painful and other times it is just a minor irritation. However, the pain did not persist afterwards. The first round of clomid caused me a lot of pain especially since I wasn't used to ovuatlion pain. April I was also on my first round of clomid this month — mg cd and I got severe pains and cramping after I was done taking it.

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I do seem to be ovulating based on BBT charting, though. Pregnancy is obviously not possible without both egg and sperm. I hope your doctor appointment goes well. Sounds promising they say that you normally have a temp drop just before ovulating and a sudden rise when you do but alot of people miss it so looks good.

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However, he said this based on one thing: My first month on Clomid i ovulated on cd18 by that time i was starting to think it wasn't working. I am no longer using clomid though because it seems to do more harm than good.

I always think the worst is going to happen. We are in our second cycle of using Clomid and waiting to find out if we are expecting and I am pretty sure I am. I really hope so because I am starting to lose hope. While the chance of twins increases with its use, higher multiple pregnancies occur very rarely.

This was very scary that this happend at work.

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June 5, at 5: She said that there is free floating fluid so the cyst bursting could have been the pain or the ovulation could have been the pain. The cream made me really emotional for the first few weeks until everything evened out. My doctor and my specialist both informed me that this was normal and an unfortunate side effect of clomid.

June 23, at FSH is the hormone that stimulates egg-containing follicles to mature. This just happened 2 days ago.


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