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Ed is often caused by anxiety, and sexual desire can be impacted by many different psychological issues.

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Now SSRIs are also being used to help some men overcome premature ejaculation with good results. And they are prescribed not only by psychiatrists, but also by Family Medicine Practitioners, Internists, Cardiologists, Gynecologists, and Neurologists. I had my iud removed in Jan. Are there any alternate antidepressents which do not affect in fertility and sexual matters? I mentioned this in an October 3 posting, but am repeating it because of the latest findings that I've listed in the section that follows SSRIs and Male Fertility.

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Zinc 20mg with Copper 2mg twice a day along with Selenium mcg twice a day are needed for appropriate testosterone production as well as most other functions of the body. Hi Doctor, I am Adam, 29 years male.

The benzodiazepines like clonazepam, alprazolam, lorazepam, etc. A response would greatly be appreciated thank you! Develop Your Own Curriculum.

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Thus, the quantity of sperm produced will be lower. Better navigate the business aspects of medicine and stay on top of the changing healthcare landscape. I'm also willing to bet that your healthcare provider did not discuss how serious the sexual side effects can be or that they might be potentially irreversible.

Hi Madeleine, My husband and I are having trouble conceiving our 2nd child. It has been shown that SSRIs can significantly lower levels of testosterone and estrogen after just 5 weeks of taking the medications. Your reply will be highly appreciated. SSRIs are famous for having sexual side effects such as decreased desire, erectile dysfunction, delayed ejaculation, and inability to achieve orgasm.

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SSRIs could affect your sperm quality in the first month of taking them itself! She believes that the pristiq is causing me to be infertile. I understand that it is a relatively new SSRI and has been good with side effects for many. Once you stop taking the medicines, your fertility will be restored. I took Seroxat 20 mg for few years almost 4 years with very few discontinuation for anxiety disorder.

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