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Can I take one and half tablet in two meals? I had been taking Metformin successfully for nearly 4 years, when its effectiveness started to decrease and my blood sugar started to rise during the overnight fasting period. This was repeated one more time.

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I find for me that best performance involves taking mg doses around the clock and specifically at In general, there is not much evidence for the superiority of once a day versus several times a day. It can be treated with FOOD.

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My question is upon reading one of your letters that said metformin should not be taken from people that are over 80 years. The package insert see link below states. Within days of this change, I began to have significant pains in my lower back and in all limbs, to the point that I was unable to sleep due to the pain.

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I had a lab before I was to see my Primary Care Doctor. My body numbers are usually 2.

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Ofcourse you can loss your weight taking metformin. If so what can I do to prevent the gas?

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Still looking for answers? Could the problem be my taking the night time dose too close to be bedtime. I had no sign of occult blood in stool because the bleeding was too high up, but the ferritin level made it clear This is only research data — not approved cures.

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Papanas N, Maltezos E. My morning readings are between and A1C if 6. This content does not have an English version. Epistaxis in Metformin Hydrochloride, who, when, how? I am pleased with the results, but I would like to know why the makers of Metformin cannot do something about the terrible odor that the medicine gives off. But today I started getting sharp As a result, both glucose and insulin levels in people with Type 2 diabetes decrease with metformin therapy.

I agree with the no whites- no rice, pasta, bread or flour with white flour.


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