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The appointment went well. Trying To Conceive K posts Should you stop your Zoloft if you are trying to conceive?

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Two studies have suggested that babies whose mothers take SSRIs like sertraline during the second half of the pregnancy may be at an increased risk for pulmonary hypertension, a serious lung problem at birth. Even the more controversial ones, including paroxetine Paxilhave relatively low risk. June stretched into July, languid and hot, with no signs of labor.

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Through the unknown, I came to know myself. Would my heart beat erratically? That's good to hear, because the doctor I saw today said to avoid it and it would be at my own risk to carry on taking it whilst pregnant, which I thought was a bit rude. Panic attacks were my fears made physical. Women who are depressed are less likely to take proper care of themselves. In general, if you need it, then you should stay on it. It's about balancing the risks and benefits when you take any drug in pregnancy and you need to be fully informed.

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I hoisted myself in, slammed the door. Lying there, I seize up: July 6th, Last edited by LaLaLa1; June 30th, at Whatever you finally decide to do, do not second-guess yourself. Hi, yes it's one of the anti ds that u can be on while pregnant and breast feeding.

Media Remix By Scott Kearnan. True peace of mind comes from embracing uncertainty, simply putting one foot in front of the other and living. I often envisioned myself booted from my fancy magazine job and hurled into homelessness. Trying to Get Pregnant New Discussion. When researchers say antidepressants may increase the risk of certain birth defects, they are talking about just a slight increase. I figured that Andrew would do quite well with Enfamil and a happy mother.

See a sample Sign Up Now. Our Network of Sites Includes: I am not ready to not be on anything whilst being pregnant, and heard good and bad comments about them, my doctor said to avoid being on them, but I literally need them to cope right now.

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