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I went to the doctor and he said try an anti-diarrheal like Imodium and It Worked!!!

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Antacidslike calcium carbonate Tumssodium bicarbonate, Maalox and Milk of Magnesia, relieve indigestion and heartburn by neutralising the acid in your stomach.

Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you're taking other medicines, including herbal remedies, vitamins or supplements.

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I had to wait 2 weeks for and endoscopy. Talk to your doctor about the risk of taking lansoprazole. Every effort has been made to ensure that all information is accurate, up-to-date, and complete, but no guarantee is made to that effect. If you take lansoprazole twice a day, take one dose in the morning and one dose in the evening.

Check for interactions with Imodium (loperamide)

March 11, 4hbtalk. Just before I fell pregnant I was given lansoprazole 30mg to take before each meal to help with the spasms. Hida scan did reproduce many of the symptoms, but they occured about 15 min after the scan was completed. The headaches are always there though. The site and services are provided "as is" with no warranty or representations by JustAnswer regarding the qualifications of Experts. They give quick relief that lasts for a few hours.

It ran its course for two and a half days then it was over.

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Skip to main content. Vitamin B12 Deficiency Anemia Symptoms If your vitamin B12 deficiency anemia is mild, you may not have symptoms or you may not notice them. What I can say is that PPI, I took in different period with equal success, pantoprazole, omeprazole, lansoprazole and H2 Blocker, almost stops the diarrhea. Who can and can't take lansoprazole Lansoprazole can be taken by adults.

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Our tools are simple to use, anonymous and free. I would also bleed sometimes just from walking down the stairs. What are the symptoms?

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Dr also prescribed Lansoprazole for the nausea, but we has stopped this as we wondered whether this was causing No one can figure out whats wrong even after blood tests and a ct scan of my pelvis. Start your own discussion Reply to Guest's discussion. The information reflected here is dependent upon the correct functioning of our algorithm. A serious allergic reaction is an emergency.

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Do not split, chew, or crush them.


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