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By time I took second one. Ask Your Question Send It! I've been taking this medication for 6 days now and my urine smells exactly like the pill tastes. Find a Provider Learn How it Works. The first tooth was an exposed root which healed, this one is a definite infection being held back by the amoxicillin. Kevin Beaverton, OR Suggested diagnosis was what I hoped and will take this info to my doctor's appointment next week.

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Seem not to work for me, feels like it's getting worse. Maggie k December 19, I would go back to the dentist and have him xray the tooth and explain where the abcess is coming from. Amoxicillin and kidney pain. Meanwhile, I chew on the other side of my mouth and have faith that this tooth will stay calm over the next month.

The more regularly you attend check-ups, the more chance you give your dentist to pick up on signs of trouble.

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I mean side effects were horrible but I only had to take This drug for 7 days until I was able to get the tooth pulled. Should I go to a and e? Yes it does i was just on it for the same reason. I went to the dentist about a year ago and they did pull a wisdom tooth on the same side on top. Katz, I had the root canal done this AM. The trend between consuming sports Hello, So now that the pain after taking tylenol is worse in either my gum or tooth what should I do?

I am so grateful to have found this new dentist. It's been fantastic, even the bone graft seemed to heal very well. This alone should tell you that the condition is a fairly serious one. As odd as it sounds, placing a damp teabag over the infected area can help with pain relief.

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It's now Sunday and still fine. Thank you for your kind response Sometimes this is done in one go and sometimes it is done in a few pieces. She prescribed mg of amoxicillin for 10 days. Can I use Amox-Clav mg for the last 3 days before my dentist appointment for a tooth extraction? I am presently experiencing major dental issues as well.


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