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Five to six years later I weigh almost a hundred lbs heavier. Hello again SG thank-u so much for your advice, u r a lifesaver, u dont understand how much you have helped me during this whole debarkle My blood work came back normal. I am very emotional about my weight and dont want to gain any more.

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Some women gain weight naturally when transitioning from their teens into their twenties. Many young women are starting birth control for the first time while their body is going through many other changes. Weight Loss Alternatives Community Resources.

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Don't feel bad, I got on the shot about 2 years ago and after my 2nd shot I started noticing that I was gaining weight quickly so I asked about it and the doc said that pds was normal there wouldn't be any more weight gain due to the shot. Now I know tons of people gain large amounts of weight on it.

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I have another 50lbs I want to lose so that I can have bikini body, one I haven't had since about 9yrs old, I am 23 now. This site is published by BabyCenter, L. Step 2 Monitor your caloric intake. Having a Thyroid disorder doesnt help so by the end of that month i was over lbs diet did not change either and still have not come back from it.

Log in Sign up. This weight or whatever it is, just won't budge. He told me that this shot should only be used in very rare cases.

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Ever quit taking the pill because your best friend told you her cousin got fat on birth control? This choice of contraception is a highly personal one.


People have noticed that my hands don't constantly shake and my voice does not quiver anymore. I have lost 50lbs in 4 months with no problem, I exercise times a week with high intensity cardio, weight training, abs, etc.

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How to Get From Fat to Skinny. Inhibition of follicular development and the absence of a LH surge prevent ovulation.

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Well 5 weeks later of exercising and really watching what I eat I have lost a grand total of 2 pounds. But this discussion is about the weight component of Depo Provera- not the other issues- so I digress. Please review the Terms of Use before using this site. I am open for suggestions at this point if anyone knows of something that will prevent the symptomes of endometriosis other than depo I am all ears thanks for reading my post.

Every woman needs to make her own decision and you are correct, we should do our own research.


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