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Could you please explain this more? For general aches and pains or fever, I'd recommend Tylenol over Motrin but if the Tylenol's not cutting it, try the Motrin.

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Pretty sure the Motrin bottle states you should use it X amount of days in a row. October 25, at 5: You can pick out which recipe that you want to try.

Sorry I put his age in the question part and didn't realize everyone couldn't see it: I hate giving medicine but love my sleep too much to stop.

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After about four nights in a row I just decided we weren't doing it that night, and she slept well from 3 on anyway. I know you have 2 but you are their mother and that means sleepless nights, well thats what it means.

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Lots of babies are actually taking less than they could be for relief, because parents go off the label, not calling the doc's office. A neighbor across the street had a baby where the teeth didn't come through-he loved the Zweiback-and he was pretty happy in the high chair gumming his bone.

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Is bubble gum flavor ibuprofen safe for a 10 month old baby? A single copy of these materials may be reprinted for noncommercial personal use only. These are not dangerous drugs when given in moderation.

Yes, I am completely worn out; he is waking up more at night with this problem. Is there anything better? In general, try to stick with whichever one works for your child.

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Infant formula basics Infant growth rates Infant massage Infant swimming and asthma Returning to work after maternity leave Organic baby food Sick baby? Order and timing are extremely variable—some babies get one tooth every month while some infants pop teeth all at once! Maybe OP's baby is big? Sign up for The Bump! Some babies will gladly use teething rings that have been chilled in the refrigerator to soothe their sore gums. With another grandbaby on the way I'm thinking I need to buy stock in both Orajel and Pampers!!

He has 4 more on bottom showing and 3 on top Infant ibuprofen might be more effective for teething pain because in addition to reducing pain, it also helps reduce swelling of irritated, inflamed tissues, including the gums. I also was wondering if the Neutrogena soap was helping your skin out? These medicines both relieve pain and feverthough they work differently in the body.

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I thought 5ml sounded like a lot but maybe he weighs a lot? Why We Archive What to Expect has thousands of open discussions happening each day.


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