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On my days off work I took less because I could stop and rest or stretch. I had enough pills for a day or so. Do not how to taper, feel miserable. It is unlikely the withdrawls will be too bad for you as you are on a pretty low dose. So, I did it the hard way, cold turkey, will never forget how sick it made me. So if you take hydrocodone every day for a few weeks, your body gets used to the medicine.

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You just need to do it slowly. Send me a email anytime. What will withdrawal of 20 mg aday of hydrocodone be like?? No, you are not required to be hospitalized during hydrocodone withdrawal.

Signs of Opiate Withdrawal

Those with a high tolerance to the drug tend to have lower levels of endorphins and altered neurotransmitter functioning. By using this Site you agree to the following Terms and Conditions. My body still thinks that I have the tabs because I still get that high feeling.

One pill no longer works and I have decided to give it up. Does the Thomas recipe work? Given the withdrawal symptoms I am having, which are seemingly minor at this point I think they were wrong. This is because you will probably go through withdrawal symptoms upon cessation of hydrocodone, and you can minimize severity and intensity of symptoms by cutting back slowly over time. The doctors released her she was giving 7. Once you get to a low dose, you can completely stop taking the drug with minimal withdrawal symptoms.

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Oct 2, 2. Anyway I took my last pill last night before bed, It is now 2: Am I on the right path? Hello, I have been taking 5mg of Vicodin at the same time every day for about 2 months. So I went cold turkey off prescribed vicodin and it was hell! If you can be under a doctors care all the better. Then, you can pick up come O-T-C drugs, if needed, to directly target time specific withdrawal symptoms that you are going through. These symptoms first appeared 3 or 4 weeks ago.

Consider whether there are any other drug options that might work for you as well.

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This will help the doctor understand your needs.


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