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The mean length of hospital stay for this group was 3.

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Perihepatitis and accute pelvic inflammatory disease treated with intravenous azithromycin switched to oral azithromycin. Implementation of intravenous to oral antibiotic switch therapy guidelines in the general medical wards of a tertiary-level hospital in South Africa.

European perspective and update on the management of complicated skin and soft tissue infections due to methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus after more than 10 years of experience with linezolid.

Role of early intravenous to oral antibiotic switch therapy in the management of prosthetic hip infection treated with one- or two-stage replacement.


In children, dosing is mg PO bid for 20 d. Adjusted costs were likewise reduced. It has affinity for viral thymidine kinase and, once phosphorylated, causes DNA chain termination when acted on by DNA polymerase. Worldwide perspective of the quality of care provided to hospitalized patients with community-acquired pneumonia: Fernandez P, San Martin L. Levofloxacin disposition over time in aqueous humor of patients undergoing cataract surgery.

Patients experience less pain and faster resolution of cutaneous lesions when used within 48 h of rash onset.

American Academy of Dermatology Disclosure: In multivariate analyses, practice beliefs were associated with age, inpatient care activities, attitudes about guidelines, and agreeableness on a personality inventory scale.

Treatment of ocular toxoplasmosis with clindamycin and sulfadiazine

Eur Arch Psychiatry Clin Neurosci. The adult dose is mg PO qd for d.

The treatment was converted to oral therapy immediately after the initial mandatory 3-day period of intravenous administration for a larger proportion of patients in the moxifloxacin group than patients in the comparator group [ It has lower efficacy against gram-positive organisms.

Streamlining was performed correctly in most cases; thus, no interventions were necessary.

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A prospective, randomized, double dummy, placebo-controlled trial of oral cefditoren pivoxil mg once daily as switch therapy after intravenous ceftriaxone in the treatment of acute pyelonephritis. He stated that switch therapy can be safely implemented when the following 4 criteria are met: Early switch, coupled with hospital discharge, may be possible in nearly half of all patients with CAP.

Allergic reaction to antibiotics clarithromycin

Releasing IV-to-PO switch guidelines alone is not sufficient. This was shown in a cost-effectiveness analysis of IV-to-PO switch regimens of azithromycin versus cefuroxime with or without erythromycin in the treatment of patients hospitalized with CAP. Duration and route of antibiotic therapy in community-acquired pneumonia: Six different criteria for switching were applied in the 9 studies.

Cefixime is a pregnancy category B medication. Curr Opin Infect Dis.


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