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Grateful for all the comments and insight. One of the few controlled tests the researchers reported was done on a group of patients given Paxil for stuttering.

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Exercising is by far the best way to cope as it seems to replace the seratonin with endorphins. I am on Omega 3's, don't know about the absorption though. Did you not read and comprehend the content before replying? Mum finding myself shying away from social interactions or needing to drink due to a fear of judgement over who I am, like I feel judging thoughts from others and it eats away at me.

Been tapering for about three weeks. I've heard the average for withdrawal symptoms is around 6 weeks but can be much longer. Is it common to feel only physical side effects and not mental? I was put on it in for anxiety.

Silly me I only took this poison for 3 days and was starting to completely flip out so stopped. Most people who quit taking their antidepressants stop having symptoms after three weeks. My brain zaps are a lot better now. Currently I am going off from 25 mg of Zoloft and have only been able to tolerate 25 mg for the past yr so I am withdrawing from a low dose. Well, so I bought larger clothes.

After the first time I swore never again, but after the birth of my son they put me back on that poison for post natal depression.

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They are highly addictive. I also found drinking peppermint and ginger tea helps reduce the nausea. I was on citalopram UK 60mg for 10yrs, then was cold swapped to another for 3 weeks, then to sertraline 50mg for 2 wks, then to mg for 4 wks, then back to 40mg citalopram.

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He will try to push more drugs on me. Been having body tremors, incessant tingling sensation in my face only made bearable with Benadrylcrying spells, irratibility, naseaua, gastric symptoms and HORRIBLE stuttering.

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As I'm so sensitive, I wouldn't take any more but I'm taking only 2mg a day. At least it seems to be a fairly common experience to experience similar impairments.

Zoloft Withdrawal Symptoms: Extensive List

Doctors can help determine the difference between withdrawal symptoms and a return of depression. A sudden drop of serotonin levels due to abruptly halting use of an antidepressant i.

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My adverse reactions were never picked up by the psychiatrists although when I told the last one I was certain I had akathisia, he sort of semi-admitted it in a round about way but still wanted me on the drugs!!


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