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I was gaining pounds a week! Weight Gain and Norvasc. Walking is the best exercise, especially up and down hill so that you get some bone jolting going downhill.

I was told to be examined on ECG and the doctor told me that its normal because of aging and if it continues I should buy Arternol when palpitations stops I should continue with Amplodipine. I get huge hives all over my back. I am lbs, 6 feet tall. This allows your pharmacist to keep a complete record of all your prescription drugs and to advise you about drug interactions and side effects.

I took it for 2 days and suffered with really bad headache, nausea, pains in my arms and ankles.

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Headache occurred commonly during clinical trials, especially at the beginning of treatment. Calcium channel blockers work by dilating or widening blood vessels to improve blood flow or circulation.

Norvasc is used to treat hypertension high blood pressureangina chest painand other conditions caused by coronary artery disease.

Erythema multiforme, urticaria, exfoliative dermatitis, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, Quincke edema, photosensitivity, skin dryness, cold and clammy skin, dermatitis [ Ref ]. My daily symptoms include racing heartbeat, palpitations, headachedizziness, near-syncope upon standing, fatigue, nausea and hypertension. I just had that today and I've never had it before in my life. I am now on only two medicines for BP: Details on non-drug approaches to blood pressure control such as diet, supplements and special foods.

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Amlodipine has been the med for me. Hi, the med Atenolol's Tenormin possible side effects: Recently, I've been taking some pills to help me sleep at night.

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Carol I have tried several different drugs for high blood pressure but, sadly, if there a side effect to be had then I seem to get them [sad] Snap! There is some water retention around my ankles. However, it is reported as either occurring uncommonly or it is unclear if Norvasc is the cause of weight gain or not.

Can this medication make you gain weight?

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I experience dizziness to the point of being immobile. At night I feel palpitations, plus I have numbing of the fingers, hands arms.

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Drinking alcohol can further lower your blood pressure and may increase certain side effects of amlodipine. Add'l, I had these results The most commonly reported side effects more frequent than placebo are reflected in the table below. How should I take amlodipine Norvasc?


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