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Is it okay to take Xanax and Zoloft together?

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P and if you do have any side effects on zoloft, see your doctor and if he tells you to stick with it for a while longer, do your best to tough it out, it may be the best decision you make for yourself in terms of anxiety. I wish there was someway I could see into the future if and when this medicine Zoloft will work. It's definitely easier to not forget that way. Reddit is filled with interest based communities, offering something for everyone.

When I first started taking Zoloft, I took it in the morning, with my breakfast. I take mine in the morning, which is mainly because I always seem to remember to take it then.

I thought I could overcome it with exercise, deep breathing, yoga, therapy, etc. Grandstanding This is not the place to promote an ideology or platform.

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Or if I should continue to take the Zoloft also. I took it around 10am. I've always taken mine at night. I firmly believe it was the latter and not the former with me. I was tempted to take a xanax to help me fall back asleep.

I'm definitely not planning to use the xanax much. After taking mg Lexapro for a couple months I stopped cold turkey and felt very sick for days afterwards Really, how can they know, when medical school devotes usually no more than three months on the subject? How long should someone take Xanax for anxiety?

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Then I automatically get worried and think, "oh geez, that's gonna happen to me! Morning works just fine though.

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Dont take it a lot. No more Zoloft, ruining marriage Can you take expired Xanax pills? Benit General Health 17 Thanks for any help. But it doesn't seem to be helping.

It's made me excited about life again and I truly wish the same for you. I wanted to touch bases with you and ask your opinion.

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