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Do you still have zaps? I've had lackluster to terrible results with antidepressants for nearly 30 years and I'm It's been like this for two weeks. Think of all the ppl being prescribed this junk daily for the first time, yet it seems like a gag order has been put in place.

Not visually, cause the brain compensates it, but i believe that this "blindness" is the trigger for the zaps and as longer the eye movement takes, the probability for zaps is higher.

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At that time I had no research of other accounts backing me up so I wrote a college paper on it and it was cathartic. My heart rate is down a little and the brain zaps are less.

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Check out some communities and we recommend you subscribe to at least 5. May 13, at 6: I'm just now getting off of it and I'm getting the brunt force from it. I figured the only way I could get off is if I could take a leave of absence.

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That is a wonderful gift you have given me - thank you! This symptom usually lasts only a few moments and then disappears. And sometimes it would feel like someone was blowing on my neck and I would get shivers down my back.

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After possibly a half a year I am guessing, moving my eyes stopped causing the brain zaps and invasive crinkling sounds and feelings like aluminum foil. Thank you for your concern sweetie. I was on Welbutrin once and somehow the persciption got changed to the SR.

Anyone else has excessive gas and think its due to the med. I have excessive sweating, even with little activity. Search this Thread Advanced Search.

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It maintains our conscious and unconscious body functions. I took Propranolol 40 mg twice a day and I got cured. I've been having these brain Submitted by Anonymous on November 7, - Bad, Bad, Bad medication for me.


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