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So, how've I been? Chronically high cortisol also disrupts blood sugar balance, often leading to high insulin, obesity and sometimes, diabetes.

Omeprazole and Lansoprazole are in a class of drugs commonly known as prescription antacids, but technically they are known as 'Proton Pump Inhibitors' or PPI's, for their effects on the acid generating 'proton pumps' of the stomach. But the risk of stomach bleeding and damage will become greater. Chronic use of acid stopping medication dramatically reduces stomach acid, thus increasing the risk of all of these conditions.

The remaining mice were sacrificed on Day 22 or later post-encephalitogen injection.

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However, in my experience, this requires the method of liquid titration. It seems now that I do not even need the gaviscon very often at all, if ever. Have read extensively about the long term side effects, and they are not good.

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This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. I know I still have a ways to go, but I have been taking it slow and easy its been over 2 months now and I still am not Omeprazole free, but I will be one of these days. Hi, is it like a nagging pain in the upper right part of the stomach?

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If improper absorption of vitamins and minerals is the result, it can only get worse. But it sounds like it is going to be a long 3 months. I never did see it.

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Many of them are unknown as these drugs have not been around that long. I'm going to have a word with my pharmacist about a alternative to Omeprazole as I really have no faith in my doctor! You need to do that. Free Rad Biol Med. Now that I have 2 weeks later I have been going threw the weirdest things. I searched and searched the internet for answers and finally found the blog of a man in Sweden who went through the same as me, it took him ages and then finally he met a Physician who suggested he might have a Lactose intolerance!


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My last Prilosec was this past August. All doctors that I have seen for different reasons over the past 20 years tell me that its ok to take the drug and NO doctor will help me get off of the omeprazole! From massive stomach acid problems to nearly critical bowel issues, it has been a tremendous battle.


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