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The Demerol and Versed pretty much took care of any immediate post biopsy pain: Take your 30mg of Percocet and wait for effects. Your name or email address: View all 5 comments Add your Comment. Don't know if this helps you or not but hope you can find some relief.

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Then 7 weeks later, when I got a job, someone was selling them at the job. Thank you painkiller, and believe me, I AM questioning her credibility. View all 3 comments Add your Comment.

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Due to stupidity on my part I didn't make my next appointment while I was at the doctor's office last time, I waited and called a couple of weeks later I couldn't get an appointment for my prescription renewal I have to physically see him every two months, on the off-months he overnights my scrips to me untill two days past my run-out date. The difference is the strenghth of codeine. Nothing I treated this condition at home with helped, from Aleve to ice to BioFreeze. Your pain i have found that it does what its meant to do It may not display this or other websites correctly.

Where is she from?? There is no medication called Condone, did you mean 10mgs of Hydrocodone with mgs of Acetaminophen? View top members Find a member. Updated 10 years ago in Tylenol. Updated 1 year ago in Tylenol.

I can only tell you from the prospective of me using the medication, Dilaudid works on a diffeent part of the brain than what Percocet is I found Dilaudid to be stronger but what works with one pain patient does not do the job for another it does really take a lot of work to find the medication that woroks best for each individual patient, at some point in time a drug such as Dilaudid that has worked well then bang it happened to me I got to where even increasing the dose no go, it is an art and it's so different from one person to the other I can stress that enough, a lot of time and effort goes into controlling pain best wishes.

Thu, Nov 26 '09, Updated 3 years ago in Naproxen. Originally Posted by Ian MacLeod. The appearance of each tablet depends on the combination.

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View top members Find a member. My HMO wouldn't take me. Can't see the GI doc til Monday. But, you can't double up, without your doctor's permission, due to the Acetaminophen in them. Codeine is a narcotic.


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