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Its amazing how oxy users tend to find each other when in need. I had brain bleeding and facial along with cranial fractures.

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I hate this drug. JamieJun 28, Well I had no idea where I hid them which through me into the worst withdrawal I have ever experienced or read about. After having knee replacement and being given oxycodone, I realized a little over a week after the surgery that something was wrong. I will know now to never take this drug again, the pain will be lots easier to deal with then this drug oxycodone.

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I have already pushed away all the supplies that were enjoying my money, while I usually found little relief on what I got over the past several months. I quit cold turkey. However, as stated, do not let down your guard from today until Saturday.

Doctors usually prescribe a starting dose of 10 mg of oxycodone controlled release tablets for people who require continuous around-the-clock therapy for an extended period of time. Then we went to 2 a day and now I am down to 1 20 a day. I would find someway to either taper, or go the clinic asap, if you absolutely, positively have to work for the next week or two. I started my walking routine around the house.

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Yes it takes me longer to do anything now, but again acceptance is half the battle. I know the feeling of being turned away from your doctor. I have permanent nerve damage of the femanal nerve in my right leg. How long will it take to get it out of my body.

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He cannot use - that is it. Would it be harmful to take 2 Tylenol as a break through med around noon. Can oxycodone 10 mg cause a person to talk out of their head and cant stand up hardly. I have taken 20mgs of oxycotin for 4 days, I have felt with drawl symptoms for the same period of time Votes: Since the one medicine was the only one that I could use to ease my pain, I am not going through another trial and error of other meds.

I want to do what I want, go where I want, and be completely free.

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Toxic levels of oxycodone in the system can cause your breathing and circulation to slow to the point where you heart just stops.


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