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You have been lucky not to have any bleeding so far. Other less common side effects of Depo-Provera can include headaches, nervousness, mood changes, bloating, hot flashes, decreased interest in sex, breast tenderness, acne, hair loss, and back ache.

So one day shouldn't make a difference.

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Altered menstrual bleeding patterns include irregular or unpredictable bleeding or spotting, or rarely, heavy or continuous bleeding. This drug may rarely cause blood clots.

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Bleeding may be lighter or heavier than usual, spotting between periods may occur or women may have no periods. December 19 — 23, Monday, December 19 8 — Still looking for answers?

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Could you also advise on whether or not the Implanon would be a good idea or not, considering the experience I'd had with Depo? View latest questions Search for answers Ask a question. If the shot is given during your period or right after an abortion, it is effective immediately.

If any of these effects persist or worsen, tell your doctor or pharmacist promptly. My response to her above questions and concerns: Most people find they stop all together after that, although everyone is different.

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Often women will have a late period on birth control and not a missed period. Wednesday, I had intercourse, by Thursday evening I felt utterly exhausted, I also had some slight naseau.

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I've been on the depo for nearly 2 years now and I havent had one bit of bleeding since the first time I received it, everyone's different though I know people who have bled for months at a time. I missed it on the day it was due at the 3month mark I got my shot on January 28th and had intercourse on the 31st of January and my bf ejaculated in me. Please see the link below for reviews Find out what causes false negati So ive been having heavy periods all my life and I have two periods twice a month and im just wondering if this will stop me from having periods every month.

I had no periods at all.

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You might also like. Did yours ever come back or have you been blessed as well? When will I feel symptoms? In the last 2 weeks, I have suffered from very painful, swollen and tender breasts and have developed a thrush. There are plenty of explanations for a woman to miss her period while on birth control. Other reasons why a woman may miss her period include:.


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