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She has had 3 episodes in 4 months recovering form each with minor symptoms remaing inbetween. Finally, gravity is detected by pressure receptors in the skin, orienting the animal on up and down. It happened to my 10 year old Weimaraner today - it was her second event of IVD. The treatment and prognosis for central vestibular disease depends upon the cause. We are thrilled to be walking around the block, however slowly that may be.

My dog, Rufus, had an attack of vestibular in February and was given the same medication. I rushed her to the vet as soon as they opened and was told she had IVD.

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Has anyone else seen this much delay in progress? She has been given antibiotic in case of an inner ear infection no signs of other ear problems and an anti-nausea medicine.

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He is on Meclizine for motion sickness, and is starting to eat and show a little improvement. Your stories do help -- and be sure to see your vet! Most often Meclizine 25 mg tablets are given, 1 tablet by mouth every 24 hours.

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In researching this disease, I read where this may be caused by an inflammation of one of the cranial nerves that runs through the ear canal. My 13 yr old Aussie started to walk around the house and lose her rear footing on the hard wood floors. I am in another country. Thank you for posting this and for everyone commenting, it is good to have aplace to go for information and comfort and to know we are not alone! This is a dog who just had a huge tumor removed on April 24th of this year Signs of vestibular disease include head tilting, loss of coordination, circling and stumbling, staggering, falling and rolling, as well as involuntary, rhythmic, jerking eye movements from side to side or up and down.

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We have made important strides in understanding the breadth of central vestibular diseases. She wouldn't get up on her own.

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Please send all your well wishes to lucky, I'd be so lost without him. I was awoken to his head twisted in an unatural position and my poor dog rolling in circles. Hope she improves daily as previous comments suggest.

Subscribe to this RSS feed. We were away until the next day, but she was with cousins who immediately took her to the vet. When I picked him up, he walked in a wide circle, knew who I was and even walked several feet in a straight line to me.

She threw up once but since then has been eating though I have to coax her with a little cat food or boiled egg on her dog chow.


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