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No side effects that I can see. I have my doctor's appointment tomorrow and looking for some advice about whether I should try suboxone or talk to her about tapering or even whether I should talk to her at all. CWE isn't insufficient for that amount of pills. Since this time I have gained at least 40 to 45 pounds, I weigh now lbs. What would I do then? My stenosis is getting worse and scar tissue from surgery is causing a very painful cutting feeling like razor blades and shards of glass thru my legs and back and it is getting unbearable.

I rarely drink at all. You can overdose on OxyContin by taking it orally. In other words the perscription bottle says take 1 tablet every 8 hrs as needed as directed, by the consumer reports well the doctor said I can take it as I need it up to four a day. Is that too much.

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Sadly, you are not the first person I hear such a story from. I just needed to talk to a pal. All of us did. Hypoxia is deficiency in the amount of oxygen reaching the tissues. I have been on endone 5mg 4 times a day for around 4 years. They have also put him on Lexam.

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I tried to eat spaghetti the next day but threw it all up. I am really worried. How many days does it take till oxycontin is not noted in your urine after you stop taking it for UDS.

Yes life is a curvy track when you think about it.

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This is an archived post. When my blood pressure goes up I get a bad migraine. In more serious cases of oxy overdose, doctors may administer oxygen to help you breath better or medicine s to help reverse the effects of toxicity.

I have a herniated disc with pinched sciatic nerve. I stripped and fell asleep to suppress the pain which is really bad because I could stop breathing in my sleeponly to wake five hours later throwing up. I decided I had had enough and reduced from the 40mg to 30mg for 2 weeks. Hope to get off them soon.


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