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It's just a good idea not to mix the two though, or any other meds.

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Result said one was elevated, usually relating to a sensitive liver. Accutane, Marijuana, and Alcohol. About the Author About the Author: Accutane is about cleaning up your act. I had just come off a massive 3 day bender before I had my initial baseline blood test. I'm on 55mg a day. Sign In Sign Up.

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This is just one study of course. Previous Post Next Post. More Activity Stream Status Updates. Upload picture or video Member blogs: Accutane is processed thru the liver - and it can be taxing on it. If you can avoid it, do it. Lets talk about alcohol and Accutane self.

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If you already have an account, please login. Eleven patients with severe acne or rosacea were treated with isotretinoin daily for 3 months and investigated pharmacokinetically during 24 h after 1 month of treatment and for up to 28 days after discontinuation of therapy. Accutane alone can, in certain cases, damage the liver, so combining it with alcohol can increase that damage. They have difficulty with: These really kill you for a day or two because your body can't handle the dehydration.

This is an archived post. These patients often come in with disfiguring and scarring acneand leave with clear skin. Search this Thread Advanced Search. I've read about a hundred different opinions on this. Just stick to a few. These meds could be the motivation I need to change myself for the better.


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