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This clutters their feeds and prevents the content producer from crafting a narrative. Tapping on any chiclet navigates you into a view dedicated to the container.

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So, I leveraged the existing iconography and content from Facebook entities and placed them inside the chiclet, bringing them to life and adding a touch of personality to the content. While scrolling through the collage, a subtle parallax effect hints that there is more to see behind the photos.

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Multi-Post Stories has started to roll out in Italy. Tagging Friends Perhaps the most useful feature of this product is the ability to seamlessly create collaborative stories by utilizing one of Facebook's most frequent behaviors. Photos look really beautiful inside a chiclet.

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This button is an easy way to intercept users' behavior —posting once creates a home for any related updates to that story. To continue a story, users are now faced with a button at the bottom of every post. Moments that are typically not able to stand on their own suddenly become shareable when attached to a larger story.

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We use face recognition to center the photos and and feature the ones that contain friends or have an added caption. Creating Multi-Post Stories has been equal parts rewarding and challenging.

This layout scrolls to the latest unseen piece of content and it shows a peek of the rest of the content in the story. Adding the post preview helps differentiate between creating a brand new story versus adding to an existing one.

This product was a big endeavor from a design perspective. Photo Chiclets Photos look really beautiful inside a chiclet. I was in charge of the ideation as well as design for consumption and production experiences for web, iOS, and Android. The News Feed consumption experience for these stories was pivotal in achieving one of our primary goals: Here one sees a full view of the entire story, where the photos preserve their full aspect ratio and the text is never truncated. We have found that people engage with this collage much more than the static one.

If someone uploads multiple photos at once, it extends the width of the chiclet and automatically creates a collage of your photos.

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It involved introducing a fundamental shift in the system and how people perceive sharing on Facebook. The "Add to This Story" button is only visible when a user is looking at their own post. In order to eliminate interruptive posts and ensure the content will be consumed in chronological order, we decided to aggregate all posts in a story as part of the same "container" by aligning them side by side.

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When posting a link on Facebook, a handy attachment is pulled from the web that previews the content, as do Chiclets. As content is added to a story, it's aggregated horizontally in a beautiful, free-scrolling collage.

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Adding to a Story Though this signifies a tectonic shift in Facebook sharing, I had to seamlessly introduce the product into the existing system without disrupting Facebook's 1. I designed a system that changes the alignment and size of the text depending on the character count while sticking to a 12pt baseline grid. It was built by a small but passionate of product thinkers based in London, UK.


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