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I go to the gym regularly so I thought I may have hurt my back there but that wasn't the case. Tapering is smart, but by no means necessary. Tablets are often scored across, which means it should be fairly easy to cut them in half. Do you guys think opening up the pill and pouring out half to 10 mg and closing it or taking 1 full pill every other day is better?

Diet, exercise, medical care, meditation, sunlight, etc. I have lost a brother too, and friends, but Dad was the one death that des Report this. I know He is helping us. Doctor had me on various AD's fom last year for the loss of my husband, all I wanted was councelling, the different withdrawals was horrendous Acupuncture may not be appropriate for everyone.

Groups in Brain and nerves

I don't know how else to describe it. It was absolutely terrible. Also a weird foggy feeling. Yes I'll definitely hang on to it just in case.

I exercise 6 times a week, eat well and sleep as many hours a night as I can. How much should I reduce the dose? I noticed it affecting my marriage and I also had mild suicidal thoughts.

We cant do anything about those that we have lost, but we can still help the vulnerable people who need us, and have no one. Again, I just stopped taking the Fluoxetineand immediately started the Tramadol with no ill effects. I don't know how long it takes though because I'm in the midst of gradually tapering off currently on 10 mgs Zoplicone from Fluoxetine is slow to build up to effectiveness and slow to get out of the system. I overdosed in Jan You are using an out of date browser.

About fluoxetine

Man oh man, I wish I never would have touched this stuff. I didn't even realize there were so many side effects and the length of them.

Ciprofloxacin tendinopathy

So, he cut the dosage down to half - now just 10 mg.


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