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What is 6 months after 26 years? Believe me, I tried it, and it landed me in the emergency room.

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My dosage was 1 mg at night for insomnia. If you don't mind me asking why are you taking such a high dose? So when REM is reintroduced, it takes time for cycles to return to balance. I start experiencing withdrawal symptoms in the evening close to bedtime. This can cause people in the intial stages of abstinence to wake up multiple times throughout the night. It is so scary, but I am seeing the light!!!!

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Medications can help to reduce Ativan withdrawal symptoms and make the detox process more comfortable. Sufferers should make the place they sleep a safe, comfortable spot.

I had to change doctors after 23 years he retired. I totally agree with you Mark. It has been two months now and I have some good days, and a lot of not good days. My primary care physician prescribed it to me when I was having some increased anxiety due to a challenging work situation. So I took the matter into my own hands. And Mom who is looking over me from above.

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No one who never experienced himself what is like to be on that medication and to try to get of will ever understand what we are going through! I have found that often. A treatment facility paid to have their center promoted here. Are the foggy feelings and intense crying part of the withdrawals? Minds enduring benzo withdrawal are hypersensitive to stimulation. I went from a high does of klonopin for 3 years into 3mg daily of Ativan for 2 months.

Yes Erika, I have taken ativan for 15 years. Since I had stopped seeing the pain mgmt doctor I was seeing for my back about 6 months ago, I had completely stopped taking pxn painkillers Vidodin but was still taking LZ.

Benzo Withdrawal Symptoms: What are some common signs of benzo withdrawal?

Join Date May Posts 6. A slow and controlled tapering schedule may help to reduce the amount benzodiazepines you take over a set amount of time in order to alleviate withdrawal symptoms and potential drug cravings.

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I still have them on my nightstand for comfort in case, but I have not taken any in about 6 weeks.


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