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It is important to tell your doctor about all other medications you use, including vitamins and herbs. To be safe, you should only use Benadryl to treat your allergies. For all of them, you may feel drowsy, dizzy, and could up your risk of overdose.

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But sometimes, if the occasion is right, I'm with friends and don't have to drive - I'll have TWO glasses of wine. Let us know either way, though, if you tried. Also stomach pain, vomiting, headache, and liver damage with the Nizoral. When alcohol is used with either first or second generation antihistamines, adverse effects are more likely to occur if the antihistamines are taken in higher than recommended doses. In general, alcohol should not be combined with medications and substances that have an anticholinergic effect.

You may feel dizzy, drowsy, or faint. You'll also potentially experience impaired motor control, strange behavior, and trouble remembering things. I have a medical question. The Best Medications for Mucus in the Chest. You'll feel drowsy, dizzy, and sleepy, and it might become hard to breathe. Talk with your doctor Although alcohol should generally be avoided, you should feel free to discuss with your healthcare provider your alcohol consumption.

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Quick little totally unscientific poll here: And always, always talk to your doctor and check a new medication's label before taking it, to know whether mixing with alcohol is a problem, and if it's a particular issue for you specifically based on your medical history. We can't respond to health questions or give you medical advice. Again, this only applies to me and is in no way medical advice for anyone else.

Drugs and human performance fact sheets: How can you cope with them? You already know that drinking alcohol and driving is dangerous.

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You may also have slowed breathing, difficulty breathing, impaired motor control, strange behavior, and memory problems. This article changed my life! Anybody have any experience in this area?

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