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With the later addition of the second medication, misoprostol, the uterus contracts and the pregnancy is usually expelled within 6 to 8 hours. Many clinics offer sliding fee scales, charging only what a girl or woman can afford to pay. What is the Medical Abortion? The one commonly used in most countries in Misoprostolbut it can cause side effects, such as: Pakistan has a high level of maternal mortality and restrictive abortion laws.

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There is no way the doctor will know that the woman took medicines. Women who do need further medical attention because of an incomplete abortion can easily be treated by any doctor. Usually one can expect more luck at the smaller pharmacies that do not belong to a chain.

Subscribe to Health Newsletter. While having the abortion, it is important to have someone close by; this can be the partner, a friend or a relative who knows about the abortion and who can help in case of complications.

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In countries where women can be prosecuted for having an abortion, it is not necessary to tell the medical staff that one tried to induce an abortion, one can also say one had a spontaneous miscarriage. Bleeding after the abortion Bleeding continues lightly one to three weeks after the abortion, but sometimes shorter or longer.

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There are two types of abortions: JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. At nine weeks, a woman could probably find a sac in between the blood. Gigi, Mifepristone and Misoprostol are the medications that are used, there really aren't any other options that I'm aware of and I have no idea what you could find in Pakistan. If you live in the U. Do not swallow the pills at least until 30 minutes after putting the tablets under the tongue!!

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Press release June 25 th, Follow-up treatment for miscarriage and even post abortion care is legal everywhere. Some doctors might consider this as a reason for a legal abortion, so try to find one.

Abortion Tablets In Pakistan i have sex with my g. After the first dose of Misoprostol a woman should expect bleeding and cramps.

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This is very dangerous and should never be done because there is a very high risk of wounding the insides of the woman, infection, heavy bleeding and even death. Every woman's body is different. She got the name of someone who worked as a sweeper at a hospital and was shocked to hear that this woman would perform the termination.

Physical or mental conditions that endanger the woman's health if the pregnancy is continued. For instance, if the woman is only five to six weeks pregnant, there will be no visible sac.


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