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I really want to stop taking lamictal, but I am very afraid. I have been put on every medication and nothing has helped me in finding that inner happiness.

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I have a post on nutrition which is really quite thorough to give you an idea of what a good diet looks like…. He called an ambulance and I was taken to hospital, but kept in for only a few hours. Nausea, dizziness, weaknees, lots of anger, arthritic-like pain in joints.

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I wondered what he was thinking, and if he was even listening to a word I was saying! I take mg a day and was told by GNC that if I took 5-htp that would help and I could possibly get off Lamictal which would be great as I have no energy and 5-HTP is all natural and you can purchase at Walmart I just choose GNC as I wanted to look at all my options and they are trained in natural medicine.

I also noticed that when Lamotrgine kicks in, I have hrs of great energy. I have found that once I am actually showered and ready for work in the morning, and than at work I start to get a little bit anxious as is, although still tired, anxious. Answer this Question Report Favorite. K, Thanks for your advice!

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I was taking mg, too. Already have an account? However, all I am going to tell you is Your brief comment got my attention.


I went down to 50 mgs for two weeks and I was OK, but now going down to 25 mgs has made me really sick. Exhaustion is taking over again, I thought I was coming out of it. I went to Mt Saint, Jefferson and Pennsylvania hospitals for evaluation and the cause was never determined. It really makes me sick. There's crying, a lot of crying, but over the dumbest things. Will report back periodically in the future. Our lives go by at fierce speeds.

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The grieving may take awhile, but there is no remorse except that maybe I should have taken Lamictal the day after the wedding. My pdoc took me off of it cold turkey.

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However since this last reduction I feel really angry.


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